Skilled Hourly Home Nursing

At Independence Plus, Inc., we dedicate ourselves to providing the finest home care services available for adult and pediatric patients who need and deserve high quality in-home healthcare. We believe the most effective healing and rehabilitation occurs at home where people are surrounded by the life they know and the healthcare they require.

Our Approach

ORGANIZATION of passionate individuals

  • Our dedicated staff partners with patients, families, and physicians and other healthcare professionals to determine the best treatment plan
  • We simplify the process to achieve a more manageable experience for patients and families by providing comprehensive services, including skilled hourly home nursing, respiratory equipment and services, and home health visits

TEAM of healthcare professionals

  • Our licensed clinicians (RNs and LPNs) provide skilled patient care with 24/7 clinical on-call support
  • Exceptional staffing ratio
  • Armed with the most advanced training, technology, and equipment for at-home use
EDUCATION and training is at the forefront of everything we do

  • High acuity home care demands ongoing clinical education
  • Our dedicated clinical experts are held to exceptionally high standards
  • We train our nurses to become specialists in caring for our patient population, while reducing preventable complications and re-hospitalizations
“Other than the obvious mental uplift of being at home, there are other advantages too. My favorite aspect is the relationships I’ve formed with my IPI nurses. They’re some of the best people I’ve met and I always look forward to our conversations. They are the epitome of professional but they have personalities, too. I always look forward to the laughs we share.”
Eric V.

(IPI patient)

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