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With the right professionals and equipment, we deliver the best care to help medically complex, ventilator-dependent adult and pediatric patients reach their full potential at home.

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Founded in 1987, Independence Plus, Inc. is a leading provider of in-home nursing, rehabilitation, and high-tech respiratory services and equipment in Chicagoland. We are certified by Medicare, licensed by the state of Illinois, and accredited by CHAP.

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ModoSpira: Offering hope and a brighter future to those suffering with COPD

For more than 30 years, Independence Plus, Inc. (IPI) has provided the best homecare to medically complex, ventilator-dependent patients. Over the years, many of those patients have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a progressive condition that makes it difficult to breathe. An estimated 30 million individuals in the U.S. are affected by COPD, and over half of them suffer from symptoms and do not know they have the disease. Left untreated or treated inappropriately, COPD will progress, ultimately leaving patients dependent on a tracheostomy tube, and, eventually ventilator. While damage to the lungs from COPD cannot be reversed, there is good news for those who are diagnosed early – COPD is a treatable disease. The key is early screening to diagnose COPD before major loss of lung function occurs.

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Independence Plus, Inc. is looking for skilled clinicians who share our passion and dedication for providing the finest in-home healthcare services. Both full-time and part-time shifts are available.

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