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Trissa, almost 11, is wise beyond her years!

Trissa, who turns 11 in a couple of weeks, is bright, spirited, and wise beyond her years. For her birthday this year—and as a prelude to surgery—Trissa chose to donate some of her birthday funds to the ALS Foundation.

Watch Trissa’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video and hear her important message—it blew us away!

When Trissa was only two months old, she received a tracheostomy due to respiratory complications. Later, she was diagnosed with an upper airway obstruction, as well as tracheal stenosis, laryngeal stenosis, adenoid hypertrophy, and scoliosis.

Despite her diagnoses, Trissa continues to prove she can do anything!

Recovery from Spinal Fusion Surgery


Trissa with one of her long-time nurses, Sue.

Last week, Trissa received a spinal fusion surgery to help correct her scoliosis. Trissa and her family have been planning this surgery for many years. It’s one of the reasons her family threw Trissa such a big birthday bash last year. Read more here: Trissa Turns 10!

Trissa is doing great after surgery—and is already three inches taller!

She has great energy and plans to recover quickly. When Stephanie, Trissa’s Clinical Manager asked if there was anything she was worried about with the recovery, Trissa answered, “No, I’m doing great!”

Trissa is in great spirits and already back to some of the things she loves, like playing cards, talking about fashion, and watching “Dancing with the Stars.”

Trissa’s #icebucketchallenge

Since Trissa will be recovering from surgery on her birthday this year, she decided to take the planning and preparation of her 11th birthday into her own hands.

“I asked my parents if I could use some of my birthday funds for a better cause,” Trissa explains. Trissa chose the ALS Foundation. To help spread the message, Trissa did her own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video—and her message blew us away!

Watch her video below to hear more about Trissa’s outlook and appreciation of others, especially those who suffer from terminal diagnoses, like ALS:

Trissa also challenged “anyone from the staff of Independence Plus” to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, including her team of nurses, so we’re planning to join her next week!

YOU’RE ON, Trissa!

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