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Alexis, 2, and Isobel, 4, holding a thank you sign after the benefit!

Isobel, age 4, and Alexis, age 2, also known as the “Super Schissler Sisters,” have captured the hearts of their community through word of mouth and their new blog called The Super Schissler Sisters. The blog features updates about the girls—including videos at physical therapy and at school.

Isobel and Alexis were both born with Spina Bifida, a neural tube defect which has varying implications based on the location of the defect and any secondary complications (for example, hydrocephalus).

The girls are joyful, silly, love to learn and play, and communicate with sign language. Isobel has a flair for the dramatic, complete with eye rolls and throwing her hands up over her face. Alexis, on the other hand, is all smiles and tends to stay close to her mom and favorite nurses. Isobel attends school daily and Alexis is planning to attend school when she turns 3 in April.

Their local community and church recently came together to host a benefit on behalf of The Super Schissler Sisters—and the outcome was far beyond what this family ever expected!

The Super Schissler Sisters Benefit


Mindy, LPN, and Isobel at the benefit.

Last month, 460 people gathered together to celebrate Isobel and Alexis and raise money for a special vehicle equipped to safely transport the two girls, medical equipment, and wheelchairs to their medical appointments, church, and family outings with their family.

Thanks to the great turnout, Isobel and Alexis met their goal and their parents can now purchase a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

“We are so thankful for everyone’s love and support,” Dave says. “This vehicle is more than we could have asked for.”

In addition to the attendees, hundreds of local businesses and community members donated raffle prizes, silent auction items, food, entertainment, and time to pull off this massive event. In total, the event featured 118 gift baskets and 28 silent auction items, including an emergency generator, tickets to sporting events, and even a 6-day African safari.

Overcome with Gratitude

“When I look around this room, I only know about 20% of the people here,” Emily says.

The girls’ parents, Emily and Dave, were humbled that so many people came out to support Isobel and Alexis.

Looking around the room, you couldn’t help but feel proud of what this community accomplished. Everyone was smiling, dancing, celebrating Isobel and Alexis, and spreading awareness of a diagnosis that still has little public awareness, Spina Bifida.

Advocating for Spina Bifida

“We want to redefine Spina Bifida,” Dave said as Emily nodded.

In a quick 90-second spiel, Dave explained the fundamentals of Spina Bifida and how it affects the body. Over the last four years, he’s learned that most people have a limited understanding of Spina Bifida. He and Emily want to change that fact.


Brittany, RN, and Katherine, RN, some of our nurses who attended the event

Isobel and Alexis are growing and accomplishing more and more each day. Isobel, who currently attends school five days per week, is happier than ever before. Emily and Dave believe it’s a direct result of going to school. They’ve seen significant improvements in her ability to communicate and in her quality of life.

Alexis hasn’t started school yet, but she’s eager to follow in her sister’s footsteps.

To learn more about Spina Bifida, click here.

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