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Mindy, LPN, playing with one of her patients at school.

Mindy, LPN, has touched the lives of many of our patients and families. Of course, Mindy quickly corrected this statement with, “I think it’s the other way around—they’ve touched my life!”

A wife and mother of three, Mindy is kind, compassionate and willing to do whatever it takes for her patients—and Independence Plus. This, along with her high standards for patient care, is what makes her an excellent nurse. Mindy has worked with us for the last five years (a fraction of her nursing career!).

“When you’re passionate about your job, it doesn’t feel like a job anymore,” Mindy explains.

Maximizing Potential

A true patient advocate, Mindy takes great pride in her responsibility to “maximize the potential” of every patient.

“Our patients have so many abilities.” She continues, “It’s our responsibility as nurses to find them.”

Most recently, Mindy has been working with one of our pediatric patients who suffers from Spina Bifida. Mindy started working with this patient when she was 10 months old.

Teaching Other Nurses

“Without even saying a word, our patients have taught me so much,” Mindy says.

She is now returning the favor and teaching other nurses how to work with our medically fragile, technology-dependent patient population at home. Last year, Mindy was identified as a Nurse Preceptor for our Home Nursing Residency program.

“[Independence Plus] sets high standards for what nursing should be—in both quality of care and professionalism.” She continues, “That’s what I teach.”

Throughout the year, Mindy takes our Residents under her wing. She understands that new graduate nurses can be overwhelmed at first.

“It’s my job to teach them how to be great nurses,” she explains.

For Mindy, it’s not just about the care. It’s also about promoting the patient’s independence and helping increase their quality of life at home. She teaches our Residents to encourage their patients to find meaning in their lives, like taking a trip or learning a new skill.

Tips for Homecare Nurses

Mindy’s number one tip for homecare nurses? “Be yourself.”

“It may not sound specific to nursing, but it’s important,” she explains.

Her next tip: “Do the best job that you can—all the time—and not just when people are watching.”

Finally, “Treat your patients like you would want to be treated.” Mindy approaches every patient with this golden rule.


Independence Plus wouldn’t be the same without our dedicated team of nurses. Mindy is one example of that. She has touched the lives of many of our patients, families, and now, our Residents—and it makes all the difference!

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