Show Us Your Stethoscope!


Two weeks ago, the Miss America pageant featured Miss Colorado giving a monologue about her profession as a nurse. The next day, “The View” hosted a heated discussion about the monologue and questioned why the nurse was wearing a “doctor’s” stethoscope.

A few hours later, the #nursesunite campaign was born. We wanted to join in and recognize the realities of the home nursing profession, so we took photographs of our own nurses modeling a “nurse’s” stethoscope and asked them why they’re proud to be a nurse.

Here are their photos—and what they said!

StethoscopePictured from left to right, top to bottom:

“I’ve been a patient and I know how hard it is not to be in control. I want to give people more control over their own lives and their own care.” – Nykky R., RN

“I love taking care of people, especially when they get better and there’s progress.”
– Hope C., RN

“The ability to provide comfort, care, confidence and hope to people who are in difficult situations.” – Deb M., RN

“Because I get to help people and work with people who really need care.”
– Charman R., LPN

“The gratification that I made a difference for the patient and their family. It’s the best thing for my heart!” – Agnes P., RN

“I get to help others!” – London L., LPN

“To help people!” – Jessie Y., RN

“You know, wearing a stethoscope around your neck isn’t proper infection control technique!” – Kristina S., RN

“’Cause I’m good at it!” – Bev N., RN

“It’s gratifying to know I’m helping the family and providing them a peace of mind to live a more normal, fuller life.” – Sandy K., RN

“We take it upon ourselves to care for anyone who may need us.” – Mary C., RN

“I get to work with patients one on one, and keep them at home where they belong!”
– Amy W., RN

“We’re a lot smarter than doctors give us credit for!” – Viviana G., RN


Now it’s your turn. Show us your stethoscope! Take a photograph with your stethoscope and tag #nursesunite and #showmeyourstethescope!

And don’t forget to leave us a comment and tell us: Why are you proud to be a nurse?

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