Setting the Standard for Healthcare at Home



Paul and his mom, Irene, at home.

When our medically fragile, technology-dependent patients come home from a facility, it may be their first day home in weeks, months, or sometimes, even years.

Our mission at Independence Plus is to set the standard for healthcare at home. This means keeping our patients healthy at home, so they can live normal, meaningful lives surrounded by the people they love. Our nurses, respiratory care practitioners, clinical managers, and administrative team are working together to continue to find ways to better serve our patients and their families.

“We’re working together to keep our patients and families together at home,” says Stacey, RN. Stacey intimately knows what it takes because she’s lived it as a family member, field nurse, clinical manager, and now, our Assistant Director of Nursing.

People are more fulfilled living at home, and often safer, too. This was the impetus for opening our doors in 1987. For many of our patients, home is synonymous with love, family, comfort, joy, independence, and community.

At home, our patients are also at a lower risk of infection and re-hospitalization. This is because they develop immunity to their “home germs” and aren’t exposed to the sheer number and toxicity of pathogens and nosocomial infections typically found in facilities and hospitals.

For almost forty years, ventilator-dependent people have been successfully living at home—and advancements in nursing and technology make it increasingly possible. Still, many others are not aware this is even possible, but we live it every day!

Evidenced by many of the success stories on our blog, our patients are husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends. They are contributing to their community and the world around them in all of these roles, and as employees, students, and volunteers. They also have hobbies, like horseback riding, shopping, and travelling.

The real life photos and stories of our patients living everyday lives (at home!) give meaning to our work and mission to set the standard for healthcare at home. Our patients allow us to do the work we love—and they are our heroes.


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