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Vicki’s daughter (pictured above with Vicki), says she feels blessed to have been raised by a mom who taught her to give back to others.

Vicki Ainsworth, RN, has a passion for one-on-one patient care, enthusiasm for learning and education, and killer sense of humor. But her selflessness is what truly sets her apart.

Vicki explains why she loves her work, “Working in home nursing, I’m able to make a real difference in the lives of my patients.”

Giving Back to Others

Vicki has worked as a nurse since graduating from nursing school in 1975. The idea originally came from her grandmother who was employed as a nursing aide—and one of the most loving and compassionate people Vicki has ever known.

The other reason Vicki chose nursing?  “At the end of a long day, I feel like I’ve done my best,” Vicki replies.

Enthusiasm for Learning

Three years ago, Vicki joined Independence Plus. It scared her to be on her own in the field, but her fears gradually disappeared.

“There’s so much support with the company behind you,” she explains.

After two full days of education and training required before being hired, the Clinical Education Manager offered the nurses even more training. Vicki jumped at the chance! She came back to the office twice to review her skills before working her first shift.

“I wanted to get it right,” she explains. Vicki says the extra training paid off, “This job has really stretched me and sharpened my skills.”

Vicki’s first patient at Independence Plus suffered from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig ’s disease, and was ventilator dependent.

“I learned a lot from her—mastering the ventilator and communication devices, and witnessing the pain and suffering that can come from a terminal diagnosis,” Vicki recalls. “In return, I hope I helped her as much as she helped me.”

“And we never missed Jeopardy—I worked my schedule around Jeopardy,” she laughs.

Sense of Humor


Vicki and her granddaughter, Krista, 12, whom she calls “the light of my life.”

Vicki’s sense of humor is her secret weapon. She explains, “There are times when laughter truly is the best medicine.”

A sense of humor is one of the ways Vicki demonstrates how much she cares—and that she’s “not just there for a paycheck.” And what happens when humor doesn’t work?

“If I’m rushing around feeling frazzled, I take a minute to collect my thoughts and set the tone for my day. It’s not magic, but it keeps me centered and focused on what really matters—my patient.” She adds, “This kind of work can be heavy.”


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