Nurses Helping Nurses: What’s Home Nursing Really Like?



Hope C., RN, demonstrating her trach suctioning skills at Annuals.

This week, we invited all of our nurses—RNs and LPNs—to our office to participate in our annual skills competency training and return demonstrations.

Seeing these familiar faces energizes us and reminds us what’s really important: quality patient care. Our industry is a bit of a mystery for those who aren’t directly involved, so we asked our nurses to shed some light on the incredible work they do every day.

We asked them one simple question: What’s one thing about your job that would surprise a hospital nurse?

Here are their responses—and some of them will surprise you!

“We take care of patients with the same diagnoses and diseases that you see in the hospital, but we do it in multiple environments—the home, the mall, at school. We provide care in fun places, too. Some places where you wouldn’t think we could!” – Jen C., RN, 2 years with Independence Plus

“How fast we can change a trach!” – Amanda O., LPN, 2 years with Independence Plus

“We wear many hats. We are the respiratory therapist, physical therapist, nurse’s aide, patient advocate, social worker, chaplain, stock clerk, housekeeper, peacekeeper, janitor, waitress, tutor, and most importantly, nurse.” – Tammy S., RN, 4 years with Independence Plus

“It’s not always relaxing. There are emergency and urgent situations where you have to think on your feet. These critical situations are harder because you’re relying on yourself.” – Jamie K., RN, 2 years with Independence Plus

“We get to know the patient on a much deeper level. It’s more personalized care.” – Sherry P., RN, 2 years with Independence Plus

“We do everything—manage the ventilator, suction, provide all respiratory care, even neb treatments.” – Jelena P., RN, 14 years with Independence Plus

“In the hospital, you may only spend 12 hours with a patient. At home, we work with the same patients every week. This helps us provide the best care because we really understand the patients’ needs. Doing this well takes time.” – Johanna P., RN, Nurse Resident at Independence Plus

“Everything happens according to the patient’s schedule. In the hospital, the patient doesn’t really have a say when medications, feedings and care happen.” – Juanita C., RN, 2 years with Independence Plus

“A very high level of nursing skill is required to take care of our patients on a daily basis—vent care and assessments. Our trach and vent-dependent patients have everything from ALS and traumatic brain injuries to spinal cord injuries and birth defects.” – Vicki A., RN, 3 years with Independence Plus

“How much we know about respiratory issues and care.” – Karolina W., RN, 3 years with Independence Plus


Now it’s your turn. If you’re a home care nurse, what’s the one thing about your job that would surprise a hospital nurse? Tell us here!

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