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Ela W., BSN, RN, and Brittany R., RN, got their start in our Home Nursing Residency program.

A couple of years ago, our Founder and CEO, Tami Müller, challenged us to return to our roots by developing an education program that prepares smart, critically thinking, and committed new nursing graduates to work with our medically complex, technology-dependent patients at home.

Since the Home Nursing Residency program’s inception, we’ve educated and trained more than 40 new graduate nurses. We have many stars – and we’re proud of them all!

Now, we are celebrating hiring two of our early graduates into full-time management positions: Ela W., BSN, RN, as a Clinical Manager, and Brittany R., RN, as our new Home Nursing Residency Manager. Both pursued nursing careers after working and earning Bachelor’s degrees in other fields, history and sociology, respectively.

Advocating for Patients in New Ways:
Ela, BSN, RN, Clinical Manager

“When I interviewed for the Residency program, I remember hearing about the different opportunities available to Residents,” Ela begins. “At the time I thought, I’d be interested in becoming a Clinical Manager someday.”

Since that interview, Ela has grown into a strong, competent, and skilled nurse. “I’ve experienced everything—the going to school with my patients, helping them learn new ways to communicate with their families, and even death,” she explains.

Also on Ela’s list of accomplishments is keeping her patients out of the hospital. “When one of my patients developed an illness, I was there to help them recover instead of being transported to the hospital. I remember thinking: I did that, I was there, and I was able to keep my patient out of the hospital.”

When the Clinical Manager position was posted last month, Ela knew she was interested. With her background as a field nurse, Ela brings a lot to the table. She already has a thorough understanding of our complex patient population, as well as our protocols and processes.

When asked what type of Clinical Manager she will be, Ela replies, “I hope I can be a good mediator between our nurses and patients.”

Paying it Forward Through Education:
Brittany, RN, Home Nursing Residency Manager

“I’ve always wanted to be the nurse who knew the answer, knew all about the medications and diagnoses, knew the WHY,” Brittany explains. “I didn’t want to be the nurse who just went through the motions.”

Brittany is smart, dedicated, and passionate about teaching. As our new Home Nursing Residency Manager, she’s able to encourage each of our new Residents to aspire for the same high level of nursing care.

“I believe people make a more significant contribution when they’re well educated.” Brittany continues, “I’m now able to touch more lives and make a difference without needing to directly provide the patient care.”

Brittany’s making a broader impact by teaching our new graduate nurses how to provide the highest quality of skilled nursing care for our most complex patients.

“One of my proudest moments in the field was when the mom of one of my patients looked at me and said: ‘You’re not just our Wednesday nurse anymore, you’re Brittany’,” Brittany remembers. “I’m teaching all of our new graduates to be the best nurse they can be, not just the Wednesday nurse.”

When asked if she has one piece of advice for new graduate nurses, she replies, “Know what you don’t know, and always be prepared.”

We wish Ela and Brittany continued success at Independence Plus!

For more information about the Home Nursing Residency program, click here.

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