Meet Mary: 21 Years of Service (and Counting!)

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Mary Castranova, LPN, has been working as a nurse at Independence Plus for the last 21 years. She continues to prove herself as a strong patient advocate and dependable nurse – and make a difference in our patients’ lives every day.


Choosing Nursing

Mary’s passion for caring for others began during childhood. She grew up in a large family (Mary is number 7 of 9 children), where she discovered she felt very comfortable in the role of “nurturer” with her brothers and sisters, and began thinking about nursing as a career.

“Nursing is a wonderful way to make a living. It doesn’t get old. Working with survivors – it’s real, it’s life, and I’m not afraid of it,” says Mary, reflecting on her career choice.

Passion for Home Nursing

During Mary’s tenure as a nurse, she’s helped many patients transition from hospital to home.

“Home is just such a special place,” says Mary.

She understands how important it is for medically fragile, technology-dependent patients to reside at home with the support of their family and caregivers.

Mary explains, “The comfort of home provides a safe and supportive environment for patients to fight for themselves and have more control over their day.”

Nurse-Patient Relationship

Nothing is more sacred than the nurse-patient relationship. Mary makes that very clear when she talks about her experiences as a nurse.

“The case I’m on now is one of my most rewarding experiences ever as a nurse. I can’t put into words how proud I am to see my patient’s progress coming off the vent and his enthusiasm for his day,” says Mary.

She continues, “It really has changed me.”

21 Years of Service

As one of Independence Plus’ longest-employed nurses, Mary credits our mission to set the standard for healthcare at home, patient-first philosophy, and 24/7 on-call as a few of the many reasons she continues to work with us.

“Home nursing can be isolating because you’re on your own in the field. With the 24/7 on-call, there’s always someone available to talk, no matter the time of day,” she explains.

We wish Mary continued success – and thank her for her 21 years (and counting!) of service with Independence Plus.

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