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Limitless Lauren!

Lauren, age 19, has accomplished a great deal in her life—she graduated from high school, sings in the choir, and even received a scholarship and was accepted to college. Now, she’s adding “life coach” to her list of accomplishments. Working under the name “Limitless Lauren,” this driven young woman is sharing her unique story to touch the lives of her community.

In June, Lauren accepted her first speaking engagement at a local church with approximately 200 people in attendance. “Maybe even more,” Lauren adds.

Despite Lauren’s nerves, she delivered her story with ease. Lauren explains, “I couldn’t have done it without God, my dad, my nurse, and all the members at the Church.”

Why Limitless?

Lauren deliberately chose the word “limitless” to describe her new endeavor.

“I have no limits,” she begins. “I mean, yeah, I’m in a wheelchair, but I can still do things everyone else does.”

During Lauren’s talk, she spoke about her relationship with God. She also talked about how God still performs miracles.

In her speech, she said, “People just need to look for them [miracles]. God is moved by our faith, so we need to trust Him. We can’t just ask for something and not have faith. For a miracle to happen, you have to ask God, accept it, and then receive it.”

Finding Courage

Lauren never used to dream about going on stage and speaking in front of hundreds of people. While she was comfortable singing in the choir, she always performed in a group—not on her own. But it was her choir director who inspired Lauren to speak to the masses.

“He taught me that it doesn’t matter if I goof up or forgot something,” Lauren explains. “’Just have fun!’ he would say.”

Technology to the Rescue

Since Lauren can’t talk or project very well, she uses her computer to help her talk to people. All Lauren has to do is type a message into her computer, hit “speak,” and then her computer says what she is thinking and wants to say.

“Technology is great!” Lauren exclaims, “Especially for someone like me.”

Following Dreams

Lauren’s drive to achieve her dreams is contagious. Despite all obstacles, she is living her life to its fullest potential—and doesn’t let anything get in her way.

She believes that everyone has potential to do great things. “God put a dream in your heart for a reason,” she says. “If your dream seems too big or someone tells you it’s impossible, you just have to ignore the negativity.”

Lauren takes her own advice by accomplishing whatever she sets her mind to! She believes that all things are possible.

“Don’t push your dream down,” Lauren explains. When asked, what happens if you push down your dream?”

She replies, “Stir it back up, get your fire back, and trust God.” Any more advice? “Oh, and have fun while fulfilling your dream!”

What’s Next?

For now, Lauren is working on securing more speaking engagements, and spending more time with friends and family.

Her next big dream is to start a music business for people with special needs. Music plays a big part in Lauren’s life—and it’s helped her get through some of the hard times.

“I want everyone to have music in their life,” she says. “Just because you have special needs doesn’t mean you can’t have music in your life, not if you truly love it like I do!”

For more information about Lauren, click here.

What dream do you want to fulfill? If you push your dream down, how do you “stir it back up, get your fire back, and trust God”?

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