It’s Never Too Late to Become a (Home Care) Nurse

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Carl, RN, helps other nurses to feel more confident in their skills and at ease with a patient living at home.

Carl, RN, proves that it’s never too late to start a career in nursing. Professional, smart, and calm, Carl is a self-described “teddy bear” and respected by his patients and families with whom he’s developed an indelible bond.

Nursing is Carl’s fourth career after paramedic, law enforcement (border patrol agent and immigration inspector), and most recently, small business owner. Wanting more out of life, Carl’s mom, a retired nurse practitioner, urged Carl to consider nursing. In 2011, Carl found his way back to healthcare and graduated with a degree in nursing.

Choosing the Right Path

While many people are surprised to learn Carl is a nurse, he knows he chose the right career. His most rewarding nursing experiences have been working with patients with special needs. “They are a unique group of people that need extra special care.”

He continues, “Making my patients laugh or earning their trust in me is always a profound experience.”

Carl uses his sense of humor daily. He shares a favorite quote with us: “Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.”

One-on-One Patient Care

Carl’s first nursing position was in long-term care. After a year and a half, Carl knew he could not give his patients the attention they truly needed and deserved. Carl decided to work one-on-one with patients in their homes and accepted a position at Independence Plus.

“I was drawn to the challenge of dealing with a more complex client,” Carl begins. Carl found his emergency medicine background to be a great fit for Independence Plus’ tracheostomy and ventilator-dependent patients.

Learning How to Cope

A very devout man, Carl finds strength in his faith. First as a paramedic and now as a nurse, Carl used to question whether he could have done something more. He has now learned to trust in himself, his skills, and God’s plan.

Carl talks to his peers, too. “Fellow nurses often understand my challenges and can offer insight as well as a sympathetic ear.”

Setting the Standard

When asked what our mission means to Carl, he says, “Representing what this industry can be at its best.”

Carl continues, “Independence Plus demands a great deal from their nurses, and though it can seem overwhelming at times, it is truly helping each of us become better at our profession.” Knowing that our nurses have the training and support it takes to allow people to live safely in their homes (rather than a facility) provides a level of job satisfaction that cannot be measured in dollars.

Carl is a great example of how our nursing staff is setting the standard for healthcare at home.


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