Isobel Goes to School!

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Mindy, LPN, prepares Isobel, 3, to exit the school bus.

Thanks in large part to her parents, Emily and Dave, and nurse, Mindy Klein, LPN, Isobel (age 3) has proven that attending school is possible—even with Spina Bifida!

Now off the ventilator completely, Isobel travels with Mindy four days a week to preschool in a big yellow school bus.


When the weather is warm, you can find Isobel’s sister, Alexis (almost 2) waiting outside for her older sister to return home from school.

Alexis, like Isobel, has Spina Bifida.


Alexis, almost 2, plays outside while she waits for her big sister to return home from school.

On this day, Alexis and her nurse, Katherine Jankauski, RN, are playing outside as the yellow school bus pulls into the driveway.

How Old Are You?

Isobel began attending preschool when she turned three this past February and now she happily spends her school days counting, identifying patterns and colors, and listening to books read aloud by her teacher.

“How old are you, Isobel?” Mindy asks when they get settled inside.

Isobel holds up three fingers.


Isobel, has a big smile while holding hands with her nurse, Mindy.

The girls’ parents, Emily and Dave, are strong advocates for their girls. Emily, a Principal at a local school, is determined to provide the best educational opportunities for her children.

Looking Forward         

Alexis turns three next April and can’t wait to join her big sister at school.

Until then, the girls are looking forward to their first summer vacation together—camping in South Dakota.

Something else to look forward to? Isobel and Alexis recently won a grant for a Jennswing, a handicap swing seat, for their backyard.

Independence Plus encourages patients to fully live their lives and not let medical needs or diagnoses define them. Going to school is just part of living their full life. Click here to read our story about Maria, who is ventilator dependent and recently graduated from high school.

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