Giving a Voice to Our Patients and Families


XN_JulieAnaIndependence Plus recently launched its Patient Family Advisory Committee to help build stronger partnerships with our patients and their families.

“I’ve dreamt of creating a forum for patients and families to share direct feedback with their nursing agency since 2001,” says Stacey Turner, now a Clinical Manager at Independence Plus. “I knew there had to be a better way when I first brought my daughter home with private duty nursing more than 10 years ago.”

mommy megan

Megan, Stacey’s daughter, suffered from a neural tube defect called Spina Bifida. Megan had many complications in her first six weeks of life that required her to need a tracheostomy, ventilator, and g-tube.

Even after Megan’s passing four years ago, Stacey’s dream to create a group for patients and their families continued to live on. When Stacey joined Independence Plus two years ago, she felt she was given another opportunity to bring her idea to life.


Over the last few months, Stacey and her colleagues worked together to create Independence Plus’ first-ever Patient Family Advisory Committee. Together—with Stacey’s beloved late daughter as inspiration, as well as the group’s passion and commitment to our patients and their families—the committee was formed.

Nine patients and families attended our inaugural Patient Family Advisory Committee meeting in April. Many heartfelt stories, concerns, and even laughs were shared among the participants. The committee is planning to meet again in October.

What are some ways you can build partnerships and improve communication with your nursing agency or patients and families?

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