YouTube Helps Re-Educate Nurses!



Yuna, RN, providing a CoughAssit treatment to John.

Technology is part of almost everything we do, and it’s connecting our world in ways we never imagined. Today, we video chat with friends and colleagues overseas, breathe with mechanical ventilation, and learn about almost anything with the click of a mouse.

Independence Plus is committed to finding new ways to incorporate technology into what we do, especially when it contributes to better nursing care for our patients and their families. That’s why we created educational videos featuring our very own nurses!

Benefits of E-Learning

The benefits of e-learning are widespread—it’s consistent, flexible, measurable, and proven to offer a higher retention rate when combined with other learning styles.

Our educational videos demonstrate the skills that are required for our ventilator-dependent patients at home. We taped, edited, and packaged them—and posted them on YouTube!

We’re using these new videos to reinforce the essential skills our nurses need, which are reviewed and demonstrated during our pre-employment and home ventilator training classes. To keep their skills fresh and up-to-date, our nurses can review their skills in the comfort of their own home on their mobile device, computer, or even a smart TV.

So, get out your popcorn and watch a few of our favorites:

Emergency Equipment for Trach Patients at Home

Emergency Adult Trach Change at Home

Inline Suctioning at Home

Sterile Suctioning at Home

For a full list of our education videos, go to our YouTube page.

What’s your experience learning from video? Tell us here!

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