Connecting with Our Patients



Xavier and Andy sharing a special moment together.

“I can’t wait to meet Xavier. I’m excited, nervous, and there are a million different thoughts running through my head,” says Andy, one of our Healthcare Recruiters at Independence Plus.

Andy has grown up around hospitals his entire life; one of his parents is a physician. But this is different. Andy has never been invited into someone’s home who is medically complex and dependent on mechanical ventilation—until now.

Andy, along with other members of our Scheduling and Recruiting team, is getting to know our patients on a deeper level—in-person and at home. Our Schedulers talk to our patients, families, and nurses on the phone daily, but rarely do they meet in person. But that is changing—and it’s helping us (and more importantly, our patients!) in ways we never imagined.

Andy:  Making a Difference


“Xavier has the whole world in his hands,” Andy says with a smile.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through the door,” Andy remembers.

What did Andy see when he walked into Xavier’s bedroom? “Boatloads of smiles,” Andy says with a smile almost as large as the one on Xavier’s face that day.

“Xavier is so happy and joyful,” Andy explains.

The experience gave Andy a greater sense of fulfillment. “The work I do really makes a difference,” Andy believes.

Marcheta:  Discovering Closeness

Marcheta, Healthcare Recruiter, says visiting with our patients has given her a “closeness” with our patients and families.

“I have a deeper understanding of our patients and their environment.” She continues, “I’m more conscious about who I send to every home now.”

“It also gives us a common ground,” she says. Marcheta shares a love for the TV show Scandal with one of her patients. Now, every time she calls about a scheduling update or change, they talk about what’s in store for the upcoming season of the political drama.

Olivia:  Sharing Stories

“Our patients surprise me every day,” says Olivia, Scheduling and Recruiting Manager. She continues to say that their disease processes and injuries do not stop them from being “full of life.”

During a recent visit, Olivia and one of her female patients shared a laugh about the time a male nurse had to put on the patient’s make-up to get her ready to leave the house.

This shared moment helped Olivia realize that our patients live lives that are not all that different but “Our patients appreciate life in a way that many of us don’t,” Olivia explains. “It really makes you think about your own life.”


A few of our Recruiters posing with Frank Thomas at a recent Cubs vs. White Sox game.

“Our patients have an appreciation for life that many of us don’t have,” Olivia explains. “It really makes you think about how you’re living your own life.”

When our patients don’t have the ability or strength to speak, Olivia enjoys sharing stories with them. She recently visited a male patient in his mid-20s, “He’s a White Sox fan, so I told him the story about the time I met Frank Thomas.” She continues, “He was delighted!”

Olivia also enjoys witnessing the bonds between our patients and their nurses. “Many of our nurses have what we call the X-factor.” She continues, “It’s hard to replace.”


Meeting Xavier—and other patients, too—helps our Scheduling and Recruiting team better anticipate and understand the needs of our patients and families.

Olivia, Andy and Marcheta now keep patient photos on their desks. These photos offer a constant reminder of who relies on them and how their work helps people with complex medical needs live meaningful lives at home.


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