CHAP survey results: Zero deficiencies in all three service lines!

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Last week Independence Plus, Inc. underwent our re-accreditation survey by CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Program). We welcomed CHAP surveyors into our administrative office and several patient homes and the results were zero deficiencies in all three service lines!

It is very rare to have a clean survey, and each and every member of our team, from our field nurses and respiratory care practitioners to our administrative employees (clinical, finance, human resources, recruiting, sales, quality assurance, HME and health care liaison teams), played an essential role in this accomplishment.

CHAP was particularly impressed with our new office building and infrastructure, our attention to quality care, and our ongoing education/training “Annuals” Performance Evaluation and Skills Competency Testing. After meeting with our patients and their families, the surveyors noted that they could see the “connections” we have developed with each of them. That is perhaps the most important compliment they could bestow upon us and it is one of the many reasons we are so grateful for our staff, whose  hard work, diligence, and passionate care allows us to continue our mission to provide exemplary care and services for people at home with complex medical and respiratory needs.

Our sincerest thanks to our team for following the highest standards of excellence to help us deliver the care our patients deserve.

In addition to our staff and our wonderful patients and their families, we recognize that this success would not have been possible if not for the many referral sources, physicians, vendors, and others who believe in us and are equally committed to improving the lives of patients who require in-home healthcare.

Editor’s Note: Independence Plus is accredited by CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Program). CHAP was chosen because of their focus on home-based and community-based health care accreditation, which is a great match with our three service lines: Skilled Hourly Home Nursing, Home Health Visits, and Respiratory Home Medical Equipment.

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