Celebrating National Nurses Week 2015


This week, we’re celebrating our nurses! National Nurses Week is the perfect opportunity for all of us to recognize you, our RNs and LPNs, for your commitment to serve and touch the lives of our medically complex, technology-dependent patients and their families.

To illustrate the works of our skilled and compassionate nurses, we compiled a list of a few of our favorite blog posts of the year featuring our very own nurses!

CarlAndersonIt’s Never Too Late to Become a (Home Care) Nurse
Carl, RN, proves that it’s never too late to start a career in nursing. Professional, smart, and calm, Carl is a self-described “teddy bear” and respected by his patients and families with whom he’s developed an indelible bond. Click here to read more.



Isobel_MindyThe Golden Rule of Nursing
Mindy, LPN, has touched the lives of many of our patients and families. Of course, Mindy quickly corrected this statement with, “I think it’s the other way around—they’ve touched my life!” A wife and mother of three, Mindy is kind, compassionate and willing to do whatever it takes for her patients—and Independence Plus. Click here to read more.


Cappingceremony_112513What We Learned: Home Nursing Residents
One year ago, Independence Plus launched its Home Nursing Residency program, a hands-on training and education nursing program for new grads. We recently sat down with the program’s first cohort to talk about what they learned and how they are preparing for their upcoming graduation. Click here to read more.


KristinaSomeone You Should Know: Kristina, BSN, RN, Clinical Transition Manager
Kristina S., BSN, RN, Clinical Transition Manager, can be found working with many of our new ventilator-dependent patients as she transitions them from the hospital to their home. We sat down with Kristina to find out more about who she is and how she contributes to keeping our patients healthy at home… Click here to read more.


BerniceJuantia_sqLifelong Friends: The Story of Two Nurses
Juanita C., BSN, MS, and Bernice H., BSN, MS, call themselves “two peas in a pod.” They aren’t sisters, but they might as well be. They have spent—and continue to spend—their entire nursing career together. Now retired, these lifelong friends work part-time with Independence Plus’ pediatric patients. Click here to read more.


JayneJayne’s Love for Home Nursing
Jayne O., RN, can be found working with many of our ventilator-dependent patients at home as a Resource/Transition Nurse. Find out what it takes to be a successful homecare nurse, and why Jayne thinks this job is one of the most interesting, rewarding, and challenging jobs she’s ever had! Click here to read more.


Shania_smSuper Nurse Preceptor, Shania!
“Paul and I are a team,” Shania, BSN, RN, begins. Shania has worked with Paul (age 8) for almost four years and cares deeply about the quality of his care. To help train and educate other nurses, Shania works as a Nurse Preceptor for Independence Plus’ Home Nursing Residency program. Click here to read more.


Has one of our nurses impacted or touched your life for the better? Tell us here!

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