Celebrating National Nurses Week 2014



Ephesia and her nurse, Sanin, RN, stopped by the office to visit with us! We love their smiling faces!

This week, we’re celebrating our caring and compassionate nurses. We are often inspired by the complex skills and the many kindnesses our nurses show our patients and their families every day – and we want to publicly say, “thank you!”

National Nurses Week is the perfect opportunity for all of us to recognize you, our RNs and LPNs, for your continuous commitment to serve and touch the lives of others.

To help illustrate the works of our compassionate and skilled nurses, we compiled a list of a few of our favorite blog posts featuring—you guessed it—Independence Plus’s nurses!

VickiA_2Passion for One-on-One Patient Care

Vicki Ainsworth, RN, has a passion for one-on-one patient care, enthusiasm for learning and education, and killer sense of humor. But her selflessness is what truly sets her apart. Vicki explains why she loves her work, “Working in home nursing, I’m able to make a real difference in the lives of my patients.” Click here to read more.


Julie_WalterA Mission to Serve

“I’ve always volunteered my time to serve others,” says Julie Hanson, BSN, RN, Clinical Education and Quality Assurance Manager. She continues, “I believe it’s our purpose as human beings.” Julie, along with members of her church, organized a medical and humanitarian mission to the Philippines after Super Typhoon Haiyan hit on November 8, 2013. Click here to read more.


NancyTafoya8 Tips for a Successful Transition Home

“I always thought the home was the best place for my patients, even before I learned about skilled hourly home nursing,” says Nancy Tafoya, CRRN, BSN, MA, Director of Nursing at Independence Plus, Inc. A nurse for the last 33 years, Nancy has always felt a strong connection to helping patients maintain the highest quality of life and independence, whether she was working in the ICU or at a transitional care facility. These are her tips for a successful transition home. Click here to read more.


EMcDonaldA Pediatric Nurse at Heart

Emily McDonald, RN, is quiet, kind and wise beyond her years. A nurse for the last 10 years, Emily comes from a family with a strong background in education (both of her parents earned their PhDs). The oldest of three girls, Emily was encouraged to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. Today, Emily and her sisters are all working in healthcare. Her youngest sister is even studying to become a nurse, just like Emily. Click here to read more.


Eric_Deb_112513One Year of Experience NOT Required

Eric Meiri, RN, wrote this guest blog post to share his experience as a Nurse Resident in Independence Plus’ Home Nursing Residency program. He says, “One Year Minimum Experience Required: This phrase haunted me after graduating from nursing school, until I learned that Independence Plus was launching its Home Nursing Residency program and accepting new grads!” Click here to read more.


XN_birthdayMeet Mary: 21 Years of Service (and Counting!)

Mary Castranova, LPN, has been working as a nurse at Independence Plus for the last 21 years. She continues to prove herself as a strong patient advocate and dependable nurse—and make a difference in our patients’ lives every day. “Nursing is a wonderful way to make a living. It doesn’t get old. Working with survivors – it’s real, it’s life, and I’m not afraid of it,” says Mary, reflecting on her career choice. Click here to read more.


Do you have a story about a nurse who has touched your life? Tell us here!

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