An Ode to Our Nurse Residents



Cohort #1, blowing out the candles on their graduation cake! From left to right: Eric, RN, Stephanie, RN, Katherine, RN, Amy, RN, and Brittany, RN.

Earlier this week, our very first cohort of Nurse Residents graduated from our Home Nursing Residency program—and we were all there to celebrate with them!

Last year, our Founder and CEO, Tami Müller, challenged us to return to our roots by developing a training program that prepares smart, critically thinking, and committed new grads to work with our medically complex, technology-dependent patients at home. New graduate nurses were the backbone of Independence Plus when it opened its doors almost 30 years ago. Today, we remain committed to keeping this dream alive.

At our graduation ceremony, Olivia S., Scheduling and Recruiting Manager, took a moment to read a poem that she wrote in their honor. Her words below are inspired by this great group of nurses, and express precisely how we are all feeling!


Cohort #1

I can honestly say,

I was blown away,

With how well our patients received you.

Little did you know,

Before we gave you the go,

We were a bit nervous too!

But you quickly dismissed,

Any remiss,

When patient after patient requested you!

Throughout your first year,

You conquered your fears,

And got through the difficult shifts.

I can’t deny,

Although I may try,

That towards Scheduling you were a little… miffed.

But you got through it all,

And are still standing tall,

We hope you had some fun.

You’ve finished the race,

And set the pace,

For all residents to come.


About Our Home Nursing Residency Program

Our Home Nursing Residency offers new graduate nurses the opportunity to participate in a rigorous four-week training and education program. Upon successful completion, Nurse Residents fulfill a contractual agreement to work full-time for 12 months with our medically complex, technology-dependent patients at home.

During the first year of the program, Nurse Residents are offered support and supervision through our 24/7 Nurse Resident On-call, monthly check-in meetings, and formal evaluations.

To apply for a position in our Home Nursing Residency program, click here.

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