An exciting employment opportunity for new graduate nurses!

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IPI nurses are trained to become specialists in treating patients with some of the more rare ventilator-dependent diagnoses.

IPI nurses are trained to become specialists in treating patients with some of the more rare ventilator-dependent diagnoses.

If you are an RN or LPN with less than one year of experience and are available to begin work on August 1st, check out a unique employment opportunity Independence Plus, Inc. (IPI) is offering.

For nearly 30 years, IPI has been providing people with complex medical and respiratory needs the opportunity to live fulfilling lives at home.

One thing that makes us stand out in the home healthcare field is that we like the challenges of caring for our adult and pediatric patients with rare diagnoses and complex needs. . Our nurses become trained specialists, directly caring for ventilator-dependent patients at home, where they want to be.

As part of our commitment to hiring newly-graduated nurses, IPI created a Home Nursing Residency, which is into its third year.

Our Residency offers newly-graduated RNs/LPNs the opportunity to be fully immersed in Home Nursing, with an intensive classroom program followed by a pre-employment course, ventilator training, two weeks of educational site visits and up to 64 hours of training in the field with a nurse preceptor. Upon successful completion, Nurse Residents independently care for patients living at home, with 24-hour clinical support always engaged.

Five cohorts complete our Residency program annually and we are currently recruiting for the next cohort, which begins on August 1st.

Independence Plus’ Home Nursing Residency Manager, Brittany R., RN, says the program is growing and has been a great success. “Recruiting and training our own nurses provides better, more consistent care for the patients due to the training they receive. Our patients really love our Nurse Residents!” she said. “The program is in a really good spot right now and we have the opportunity to add strong, well-educated, confident nurses to our team, nurses who want to provide the kind of care our patients need and help them live their lives to the fullest.” And nurses graduating from our Nurse Residency program can continue working full-time for us or use their experience to qualify for highly competitive nursing positions almost anywhere they want to go. Typically they still want to work at least part-time because the work is so rewarding. You know your patients and with one-on-one patient care, you can “knock it out of the park” on every shift!

To apply, visit and apply for one of our new graduate RN/LPN opportunities or call 708.366.4500 (option 1).

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