A Time for Remembering


ATimeToRememberAs we look forward to celebrating Memorial Day, we remember all who died over the past year. Many of them have been our finest teachers. They enriched our lives, touched our souls, and strengthened our spirits. The privilege of knowing these people is something we hold dear to our hearts.

Here in our administrative office at Independence Plus, we honor those who have died by writing their name on a small piece of paper and placing it in a large, stone, prayer bowl located in our Refuge Room. This is a quiet, calm room, where our employees are encouraged to spend ten to twenty minutes every day. Sitting in silence or meditation in the Refuge Room, we try to center ourselves and, at least momentarily, let go of our many concerns and responsibilities. While we miss the people who have left this world, we also remember them.

How do you give honor and remembrance to the people in your life who have died?

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