A Simple Thank You Goes A Long Way


imagesSG1Z0H1AOver the years, we’ve learned that a simple act of gratitude can go a long way to reaffirm our career choice, whether it’s from our patients, their families, or another nurse.

For Nurse’s Week last month, one of our patients created a “Home Nurse Survival Kit” for each of her nurses and her Clinical Manager. Creating the survival kit from scratch, our patient thoughtfully chose each small gift and explained the reason why she included each item. She also included a personal thank you note for each of her nurses. Her kindness blew us away!

We never expect a “thank you” (and it’s definitely not why we chose to become nurses), but there’s no doubt that it feels good to receive recognition for a job well done. It can feed our soul and remind us of how worthwhile our daily work is. (As nurses, we never accept “tips” or monetary gifts.)

Recipe for the “Home Nurse Survival Kit”

Feel free to “adopt” any of our patient’s ideas below for a special nurse in your life!

Lifesaver: Because you’re a real life saver!

Snickers: To remind you laughter is the best medicine!

Starburst: For times when you need a burst of energy!

Tic Tacs: To remind you that your compassion is worth a mint!

Tissues:  For times when you need to dry tears, including your own!

Rubber Bands: For when you need to stretch beyond your limits!

Band-aids: For wounded ego, pride, and unexpected injuries!

Lotion: For dry hands from washing up so much!

Hershey’s Hugs: Because you deserve hugs from all!

Hand Sanitizer: For when a sink and soap are out of reach!

Smiley Stickers: Because “families” always stick together!

Pens/Highlighters: For all your charting needs!

Post-it Notes:  For extra charting needs!

A Penny: For good luck during every shift!


Is there something special you’ve noticed that you’d like to take time to appreciate? Tell us here!

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