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A mother of two and grandmother of six, Ms. Rochfella Bright, 52, enjoys being with her family, crocheting blankets, solving puzzles, and even fishing with Robert, her son, at a pond near their home.


Life wasn’t always this good for Ms. Bright who suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, commonly referred to as COPD. Since being diagnosed, Ms. Bright has repeatedly fallen ill with pneumonia requiring frequent hospitalizations. This vicious cycle of going in and out of the hospital continued – until she was introduced to Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation (IPV) treatments at home.

IPV Success Story

S_Morris_IPVIn June, Ms. Bright came home from another bout in the hospital but this time proved to be different. Ms. Bright qualified for Independence Plus’ Pulmonary Clearance Plus pilot program and, through the IPV treatments (provided in the comfort of her own bedroom!), she was able to improve her mobilization of lung secretions, lung recruitment, and ventilation and oxygenation.

“The [IPV] machine is keeping me out of the hospital,” testifies Ms. Bright. “It saved my life.”

When Ms. Bright began IPV treatments, she was skeptical but now, only four months later, she remains at home without any respiratory complications. Suzanne Morris, RN, visits Ms. Bright three times a week to provide a clinical assessment, medically necessary interventions, and therapeutic modalities, including IPV treatments.

IPV is the reason Ms. Bright is home with her family today – and she now looks forward to Suzanne’s visits because they allow her to live a full life surrounded by her family.

Living a Full Life at Home

“I love living at home. Where else would you want to be, but right here?” says Ms. Bright as she scans her room.


With Suzanne’s help, Ms. Bright is building her endurance which helps her live her best life at home. Together, they try to walk at least 1000 yards every visit. If Ms. Bright continues to keep up this pace, she will be fishing again this spring.

COPD Epidemic

COPD is a progressive lung condition that causes coughing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly fifteen million Americans are currently living with COPD, which is commonly caused by a history of cigarette smoking.

Ms. Bright smoked four to five packs of cigarettes a day prior to her COPD diagnosis. She promises us all that, “If I can stop, anyone can!”

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