4 ALS Advocacy Blogs to Read


ALS_Awareness1The general awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) has increased significantly since last summer’s Ice Bucket Challenge. It seems like everyone participated in the challenge (even us!), and it shows—ALS funding has hit a record high. But after all of that ice water, do people actually have a greater understanding of ALS?

May is ALS Awareness Month, which has left many people wondering how they can top last year’s efforts. Our suggestion: Let’s all become more educated about ALS, so we can become stronger and more passionate advocates for people living with this devastating disease.

To get started, we identified four ALS advocacy blogs that we’re currently reading (and we think you should, too!):

ALS Therapy Development Institute (TDI) Blog | ALS TDI is one of our favorite ALS non-profit organizations because it’s devoted to developing treatment for ALS. This blog focuses on ALS clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, and therapies currently in progress. Read more here: http://blogs.als.net/.

MDA/ALS Newsmagazine Blogs | The MDA/ALS blog is written by a diverse group of ALS advocates: people who live with ALS, their family and friends, researchers, advocates, therapists, and policymakers. Read more here: http://alsn.mda.org/blogs.

Speed 4 Sarah | Sarah was diagnosed with ALS in her early 30s. She is a wife, mother, and writer who is using Speed4Sarah to educate the world about ALS through real stories about people living with this disease. Sarah will make you laugh, cry, and give you many reasons to help find a cure. Read more here: http://www.speed4sarah.com/.

Team Gleason Experiment | Steve Gleason is a former professional football player for the New Orleans Saints. He was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. Since then, he has been a major force behind ALS awareness. The Team Gleason Experiment shares his story, as well as the adventures and stories of people suffering from ALS. Read more here: http://teamgleasonexperiment.org/.

Are there any ALS-related blogs or websites you’re currently reading? If so, share them below!

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