Tamara M. Müller

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Tami founded Independence Plus, Inc. (IPI) in 1986. She was 25 years old and working on her Masters in Biomedical Ethics at the University of Denver while working full-time at Craig Hospital, a nationally known rehabilitation center for Spinal Cord and Head Injuries. After witnessing three of Craig’s patients return for prolonged re-hospitalizations (six months plus!) due to preventable complications, she was outraged. All three patients had the initial benefits of extensive hospital stays and 24/7 skilled nursing care through agencies that had been properly trained to each patient’s needs. Tami viewed each of these situations as a travesty for all involved—the patient, the patient’s loved ones, and the insurers paying for the preventable hospitalizations.

Raised on a poor, family farm homesteaded by Tami’s grandparents in South Dakota, she learned to farm, hunt, fish, and care for animals at an early age and developed a profound love for science, math, philosophy, and advocacy. While she witnessed multiple ways to skin a pheasant or filet a fish, she has always, had zero tolerance for people (farmers, ranchers, or healthcare providers) who fail to learn the standard of care or worse yet, know but choose to take shortcuts and allow preventable and predictable complications to develop on their watch.

At Independence Plus, staff need to first and foremost “give a shit” about everything they do. Tami expects IPI staff to adhere to this down-to-earth, scientific approach along with IPI’s values; and it shows in the Service we provide. Our actions must be filled with Integrity, and Reverence for everyone and everything we encounter.

From inception through November of 2016, Tami served as IPI’s President and CEO when she handed the reins to Danilo Coité, MD. She continues to be a fierce advocate for patients and support their desire to live their lives at home surrounded by their loved ones. Tami serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Tami earned a Bachelor of Science degrees in biology and chemistry from South Dakota State University. She served as a direct care volunteer for hospice patients, sat on biomedical ethical boards, and managed scientific trials for FDA approval. In addition to IPI, she is a primary shareholder in a company focusing on chronic illness management of COPD, and is a primary shareholder in a medical device company working on protective mechanical ventilation techniques.