Respiratory HME

HMERespiratory Care Practitioners Make a Difference in Home Care

Independence Plus’ licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs) are the most knowledgeable in the industry. Our experience managing complex respiratory equipment needs of adult and pediatric patients at home, remains unsurpassed.

We assist patients in their advancement to home
with the following services:

Home Ventilator Program
Tracheostomy Management
Sleep Disorder Program


We pride ourselves in managing all aspects of our patient’s needs:

  • Initial determination of equipment needed at home
  • RCPs create home care plan which outlines safety and efficiency
  • RCPs train family / caregivers on operating equipment for patient

Once the patient has transitioned home we provide:

  • Follow up with family / caregiver to ensure smooth and safe transition home
  • Monthly supply replenishment and follow up by RCPs

What makes our services different?

PERSONAL CARE – A Respiratory Care Practitioner manages each patient’s care start to finish
TECHNICAL EXPERTS – Our RCP’s average over 20 years of home care experience.
FOCUS – Since we specialize in complex respiratory equipment, we do it well.
FOLLOW-UP – Each month an RCP will check your hi-tech equipment and bring your supplies, you get the right products, when you need them.
CARING – Above all, WE CARE.
RECOGNITION – Our CHAP accreditation affirms our goal of excellence in patient care

Accredited by:

Independence Plus, Inc., Home Health Services, Oak Brook, IL
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