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Leadership changes at Independence Plus, Inc.

Danilo Coité, MD, has joined Independence Plus, Inc. as CEO.

Independence Plus, Inc. (IPI) is pleased to announce an executive leadership change that will help drive the success and growth of the company while continuing our mission and passion for providing complex patient care in the home. After 30 years at the helm of the company she founded, IPI’s President & CEO Tamara M. Müller will transition to a new role in order to dedicate more time to outside projects primarily related to chronic pulmonary disease management and innovative medical devices. She will remain IPI’s Chairman of the Board. Continue reading

Our “Speechless” Life: Parenting a Son with Cerebral Palsy

The SooHoo family - Mark, Jackson, Annie and Max.

The arrival of ABC’s new sitcom “Speechless” has opened the door for conversations with families like ours who have a special needs child. We’ve found it may be hard for family and friends who want to stay updated on our son’s progress, but may not fully understand the nuances of his routines and therapies. That’s why we sent them notes entitled “Everything you wanted to know about Jackson but were afraid to ask” in hopes this would encourage more people to engage, ask questions, and be an active part of his journey. Continue reading

A Nurse’s Perspective: 8 Things I Learned While Caring for Patients with ALS

May is ALS Awareness Month, a time to help increase public awareness of this devastating progressive neurodegenerative disease.

When hearing or reading information about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), I am often reminded of how individuals are “rarely” affected by this disease. This is quite the contrary in my field of nursing. Being diagnosed with ALS is challenging, not just for the patient but also for surrounding loved ones. At times, patients with ALS are referred to as “difficult.” After having patients of my own with ALS, I found them to be misunderstood, just like their disease. Continue reading

Tips from Nurses on Staying Heart Healthy


Heart disease has been the leading cause of death among Americans for over 15 years. It’s important to remember that stress is a crucial component that can jeopardize a healthy heart. Nurses encounter countless psychosocial risk factors that can lead to occupational stress – a type of stress that is work-related and affects many professionals daily. Continue reading

Rocky’s Law: A Win for Student Athletes


Governor Pat Quinn recently signed a new bill into law requiring Illinois high schools to provide insurance for athletes who sustain major injuries. The law is called “Rocky’s Law,” inspired by Rasul “Rocky” Clark who passed away in 2012. With three former NFL players in attendance at the signing, as well as hundreds of Rocky’s friends and supporters, Rocky’s Law is a win for student athletes everywhere. Continue reading

A Medical Breakthrough: Robotic Limbs Controlled by the Mind


CBS’ “60 Minutes” recently aired a segment about an innovative new research study focused on robotic limbs controlled by the mind. Although there are some risks and complications to the medical procedures that make robotic limbs controlled by the mind possible, the benefits are endless. Candidates include patients who have been affected by paralysis, ALS, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and more. Continue reading

Award-Winning Video about Relationships after TBI


According to the CDC, approximately 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur in the United States every year. Watch this award-winning video about one couple’s experience with TBI and how their relationship was affected by the injury. Continue reading

Hope for a Cure: Spinal Cord Injury Research


There is no cure for spinal cord injury (SCI), although recent advances in medical knowledge and technology have greatly improved care and therapeutics for SCIs. Now, a research firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts is taking a big step forward in SCI research. Continue reading